Our Team

Ivy Labs, founded by Ms. Sun, embodies values of sincerity, loving-kindness, truthfulness, and trustworthiness. Ms. Sun's ethos has drawn a team of passionate experts dedicated to education.

Comprising Ivy League and other esteemed university alumni, including former admission officers, government educators, and professionals from diverse backgrounds such as investment banking and teaching, our team brings a wealth of expertise. Their collective experiences and cultural diversity enrich Ivy Labs, enabling us to offer students and parents compelling advice and unwavering support.

Our research and development team combines high-quality education backgrounds with extensive experience in US secondary and higher education, alongside a deep understanding of Chinese education and culture. This fusion allows us to seamlessly integrate international education concepts with local needs, ensuring relevance and effectiveness.

Catering to the upscale international education market, Ivy Labs prioritizes hiring individuals who embrace Liberal Arts Education and have a genuine passion for teaching. Our student-centered approach and global resource allocation management model ensure personalized service across our offices in the US, Hong Kong, and mainland China. Through shared human resources and a standardized management system, our team enjoys flexibility in work location while providing clients with top-notch service.

At Ivy Labs, team members are empowered to uphold their educational ideals while adhering to ethical business practices. Encouraged to pursue rigorous academic research and innovate in course design and teaching methods, our team fosters a collaborative environment focused on providing students with holistic support and guidance.

Our core values of nurturing resilience, offering humanistic care, and providing life guidance underscore our commitment to fostering well-rounded individuals with patience and love.

FAO = "Former Admission Officer"

Ms. Alice Sun

Principal Partner
Senior Education Counselor

Mr. Justin Popp, J.D.

Senior Essay Adviser
Member of Essay Committee
Cornell University, MBA
Duke University, JD
Columbia University, Master of International Finance

Mr. David Kimel, Ph.D.

Senior Essay Adviser
Members of the Essay Committee
Yale University, Ph.D. in History
Yale University, Master of Philosophy
Harvard University, Bachelor of Classics
Former Yale University Debate Team Coach

Mr. Teddy Delwiche, Ph.D. Candidate

Member of Essay Committee
Yale University, Ph.D. in History
University Of Groningen, Netherlands, Mphil in Early Modern History
Harvard College, Classics, Minor in History
TCR History Instructor

Ms. Ella Wang

Senior Education Counselor
Managing Partner
Columbia University, Master of Educational Development Psychology
Shanghai International Studies University, Master of English & Bachelor of English

Mr. Ming Hsu

Senior Education Counselor, Partner
Brown University, Ph.D. Candidate in Engineering
Zhongshan University, Bachelor of Engineering

Ms. Yuxia Teng

Senior Education Counselor, Partner
Admin Director, Beijing Office

Ms. Xin Min

Senior Education Counselor, Partner
Harvard University, Master of Education
Tsinghua University, Bachelor of Economics & English Literature

Mr. Benjamin Qian, Ph.D.

Admin. Director, New Haven Office, Partner
Head of FSI Program

Ms. Candy Li

Education Counselor
Co-Head of College Division Counseling

Ms. Daisy Zhang

Education Counselor
Harvard University, Master of Education
William & Mary, Bachelor's In Psychology & International Education

Ms. Lillian Ye

Education Counselor
Admin. Director, Shenzhen Office
West Virginia University, Master of Journalism
Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Bachelor's Degree in GJournalism

Ms. Zhixin Wang, Ph.D.

Education Counselor
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute & Southeast University, Ph.D. in Engineering

Ms. Sany Cai, Ph.D.

Education Counselor
University of Hong Kong, PhD in Applied Linguistics

Ms. Doris Qi

Education Counselor
Columbia University, Master of Education

Ms. Erica Qin

Education Counselor
University of Cambridge Master of Education
Williams College, Double Major in Psychology and Japanese

Ms. Ellie Teng

Education Counselor
University of Pennsylvania, M.S.Ed. in Reading, Writing, and Literacy
Brenau University & Anhui Normal University, B.A. in English

Ms. Cecilia Cui

Education Counselor,
Penn State University, Bachelor of Energy Business and Finance
Penn State University, Graduate School of Business Law

Ms. Jie Dong

Education Counselor

Ms. Shiyang Liu

Education Counselor
University of Cambridge Master of Education
Tsinghua University, Double Bachelor's Degree in English and Economics

Ms. Angela Xue

Education Counselor
Yale University Business School, Master of Asset Management
Johns Hopkins University, Double Major in Economics and International Relations

Ms. Jean Shao

Education Counselor
New York University,Master of Education

Ms. Yijia Zhang

Education Counselor
Teachers College of Columbia University, Master of Arts in Bilingual Special Education
Beijing Foreign Studies University, Bachelor of Arts in English and International Studies

Ms. Lina Wang

Education Counselor
Head of Co-Counselor Team
University of Technology Sydney, Master of Economics

Ms. Lauren Ran

Education Counselor
Cornell University, Bachelor in Human Development

Ms. Chelsea Li

Education Counselor,
Johns Hopkins University, Master of Education

Ms. Grace Zhang

Education Counselor
Bachelor's Degree in English

Ms. Sage Wang

Education Counselor
Royal Roads University, Canada, Bachelor in Media and Cultural Studies

Ms. Yao Zhu

Education Counselor
Boston College,BA in Finance and Marketing

Ms. Luzviminda Bradley

Senior Secondary School Counselor
Columbia University, Master of Education
Philippine Normal College, Bachelor of Education

Mr. Tim Bradley

Senior Secondary School Counselor
Former Senior Associate Director of Admission of Choate Rosemary Hall
Albertus Magnus College

Ms. Flemming, Ph.D.

Senior Secondary School Adviser
State University of New York at Buffalo, Ph.D. of English Literature
Boston College, Master of Arts in English