Ivy Labs Education is a private education consulting firm, Ivy Labs Education is not affiliated with ivy league organization

Our History

Ivy Labs Education is engaged in the business of US secondary school and college placements and counseling services; standard test preparation (SSAT, SAT, ACT, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, MCAT and LSAT) and subject tutoring; online tutoring and Online group classes; summer programs.

Ivy Labs Education was founded by Ms. Alice Sun in 2001, in New Haven at a location near Yale campus, Connecticut, United States. It strives to provide a comprehensive international education services to students in mainland China, Hong Kong, and US. It is one of the earliest organizations that focus on overseas education planning, teaching and training.

Ms. Sun has rich experience working in China, Europe, and US in the fields of education planning, curriculum research, and language test counseling. In the past twelve years, she has founded two early childhood education centers, and one language counseling school that also teaches the courses in American secondary schools in the New Haven area, east US. She has also led a team of experts to provide professional and individualized school counseling and planning advices to a great number of Asian and American local students who were successfully admitted to elite high schools and universities. A series of copyrighted textbooks were also developed for early childhood education and test preparation in secondary schools. The authority and forward-looking characteristics have made them very well received and reputable in the area.

Rooted in the US for more than ten years, Ivy Labs has been widely recognized as a reputable education counseling organization in American private schools and top universities. It not only keeps a close connection with school boards, administrators, admission offices, departments for international students and alumni associations, but also plays a positive role as school fundraising coordinators. The organization has also introduced many excellent international students to these top private schools and universities in the US, with professional standard and education ideologies in accordance with those in the American education system. Ivy Labs now serves as members of many different education and admission associations including NACAC, IECA, and HECA, and it is also a member of TABS and the co-organizer of TABS’s annual conference. Due to its impact on education counseling, some of the expert team members of our organization are still serving as admission officers of Ivy Leagues and other top universities in Britain.

In order to provide the most timely and efficient guidance to the Asian students, IvyLabs decided to make its way into China, and set up offices in Beijing and Hong Kong. With the cooperation from the US office, the organization is now able to provide the richest possible education resources and comprehensive and coherent consulting services to students and their parents.

Ivy Labs centers on the application and planning for admission to top universities and boarding schools in the US and Britain, specialized in overseas education planning and tailored approaches for each individual. Each student is looked at from a unique perspective, and with deeper insights. They will not be repackaged, duplicated and sent out as a batch. With rich experience and expertise, Ivy Labs has been selected by world renowned financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs, America Merrill Lynch and JP Morgan Chase as a prioritized organization for education consulting services to their VIP clients of wealth management business in Asia Pacific Region.

IvyLabs values the ideology of Liberal Arts Education to cultivate all-round talents, with a special focus on the exploration and promotion of core values in the American education system. It tries to avoid the over-emphasis on exam-oriented skills, while pays more attention to the fundamental skills of reading, writing, critical thinking and communication. In 2013, the organization initiated a series of featured online courses including academic writing and reading, which were designed on the basis of American education philosophy and their teaching approaches. These courses received very positive feedback and great appreciation from the parents with the vision of international education and planning for their children.

At the same time, considering the challenges that normal Chinese secondary school students would encounter preparing for studying in the US, Ivy Labs has designed “Ivy Bridge for young students”, including courses like American history, science, writing, American culture and life, which are well-targeted at these young Chinese students’ practical needs. After learning these courses, they can then get themselves integrated into the new environment quickly and smoothly, with a perfect transition from their home culture to the new. In addition, we also play the role of “guardians” for these young secondary school students from mainland China and Hong Kong during their study in the US. We sincerely care for their studies, life and growth together with their parents, and accompany them through the most challenging stage of their life in high school, sharing with them the sweetest and unforgettable memories.

With good reputation in the new England area and the elite teacher resources there, The New Haven general office in the US has selected and hired a considerable number of teachers. They almost all graduated from top US universities and have extensive and insightful teaching and curriculum research experience in American private schools. They have involved closely in our curriculum design and teaching, to ensure that we have built up a sustainable and complete educational system with outstanding quality.

At present, we have Ivy Labs online tutoring center at the general office in New Haven, equipped with American advanced SSAT/GRE/TOEFL Computer-based testing center and multimedia classrooms. We will initiate series of SSAT/ SAT/ TOEFL/ AP prep-academy classroom and online courses where international and local students in the area can have convenience access to. Compared with other numerous overseas programs in the market, Ivy Labs have been concentrating on its academic characteristics. We have established a long-term relationship with world-class universities in the US and Britain. The summer academic programs and courses in these universities helped students to experience American and British campus life in depth with students from all over the world, thus they became better prepared for the upcoming studying abroad.

In the past few years, Ivy Labs Education Foundation has maintained cooperation with other international public welfare organizations, providing consistent planning for students of different age groups to attend public service events. Our Foundation also serves as the only sponsor for Peking University Model United Nations Association, in an attempt to encourage Chinese secondary school students to engage in international affairs and cultivate their global citizenship.