Ivy Labs Education is a private education consulting firm, Ivy Labs Education is not affiliated with ivy league organization

Our History

A Boutique Education Consulting Firm From U.S.A

Ivy Labs Education is engaged in the business of US secondary school and college placements and counseling services; standard test preparation (SSAT, SAT, ACT, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, MCAT and LSAT) and subject tutoring; online tutoring and Online group classes; summer programs.

Ivy Labs Education was founded by Ms. Alice Sun in 2001, in New Haven at a location near Yale campus, Connecticut, United States. It strives to provide comprehensive international education services to students in mainland China, Hong Kong, and US. It is one of the earliest organizations that focus on overseas education planning, teaching and training.

Ms. Sun has rich experience working in China, Europe, and US in the fields of education planning, curriculum research, and language test counseling. In the past twelve years, she has founded two early childhood education centers, and one language counseling school that also teaches the courses in American secondary schools in the New Haven area, east US. She has also led a team of experts to provide professional and individualized school counseling and planning advices to a great number of Asian and American local students who were successfully admitted to elite high schools and universities. A series of copyrighted textbooks were also developed for early childhood education and test preparation in secondary schools. The authority and forward-looking characteristics have made them very well received and reputable in the area. (Read all "Our History")

Our Mission

We strive to help our students to be all-round in Liberal Arts

The education planning offered offer by Ivylabs has a very strong humanistic spirit. Every person is regarded as a unique individual and accepted with respect and care. At the same time, Ivy Labs aims at helping our students to become all-round in Liberal Arts, which means that apart from the ability of taking exams, they need to have a high moral standard and to be accomplished in arts and sciences.

Due to different national conditions, the east and west have distinctive educational and value systems, which shaped the different attitude and approaches facing the issue of applying for schools and preparing for exams in these two countries. As an educational institution based in the US, Ivylabs cares about the development of individuals, and our major purpose is to understand each individual from their own unique perspective. We want to discover their special characteristics and potentials, and find the perfect school that matches their talent.

During the process of preparing for application and exams, we want to guide students to understand their academic abilities, identify their self-worth, and maximize their potentials. We may try to build up their own unique personalities through morals and values. From extracurricular activities and social practices, we nurture students to care about their social and cultural life, to reflect on the spirit of social responsibility and serving the community. We believe that in the meantime, these “invisible values” will be reflected in their essays and letters, so their personal statements will convey a thick and profound message about their personal characters and sincere emotions, in a comprehensive way.

Our Team

Expert counseling team composed by formal admission officers and Ivy League graduates

The founder of IvyLabs Ms. Sun has always abided by sincerity, loving-kindness, truthfulness and trustworthiness as her pursuit of life. Her personal charisma and educational philosophy has attracted a team of experts who have always dreamed and wanted to devote their life to education.

A majority of experts in our Ivy Labs team graduated from Ivy Leagues and other top universities. Many of them were or have been admission officers in Ivy League schools and other top universities. Some others served in governmental education institutions in the US. They came from all over the world, bringing their advanced ideas, rich life experiences and cultural diversity into IvyLabs, which have strengthened the team to provide more convincing advices and more spiritual support and guidance to students and their parents.

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Our Students

We use a diversified evaluation system to cater for students’ diversified development paths

IvyLabs is a team with various combinations of academic and cultural backgrounds. Our students come from different ethnic groups, culture, countries and different educational and family backgrounds.

In the Ivylabs educational system, students have various roles to play: as learners, educators, cooperators and creators. After they have found their ideal schools, we still encourage students to continue learning and creating, be thankful to those who have helped them and also learn to influence and change others’ lives using what they learned from school and society.

Until now, in terms of university applications, IvyLabs keeps a satisfactory admission rate of 100%. In 2012, 30% students were admitted to the Ivy League schools, 60 % to the top 30 Liberal Arts colleges and universities. In total, 90% of our students were enrolled into top 50 universities in the US. Apart from these, a considerable number of our students were able to receive half or full scholarships.