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“Creative thinking is the core value of Ivy Labs”; “A strong emphasis on the art of reading and the ability to write is the unique approach of our education”

Our education standard follows the recognized values abided by the private schools in the US. We believe that the most fundamental change of a person is the change of values. We selected these core values carefully from the listed standard criterion in the recommendation letters written by the high school teachers, and use them to forge students’ own personality. Usually we are particularly concerned about the following values and abilities:

  • academic potential; academic achievement; curiosity; efforts, determination and perseverance; the ability to work and study independently; organization and planning skills; creativity; willing to take risks in the learning process (accepting challenge, the courage to try out unfamiliar disciplines and methods)
  • caring for others; honesty / integrity; self-esteem; mature and complete personal character (relative to their age) ; responsibility ; respecting teachers and peers; emotional stability (inner peace); comprehensive evaluation as a whole person and as a student, and so on

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“We would tap into each student’s special characteristics and potentials from an unusual perspective, and aim to find the best university that perfectly matches the student’s ability””

Many countries like China used the simple and standard college entrance examinations for admission, but universities in the US not only requires SAT, but also TOFEL test scores, high school transcripts, two reference letters from teachers, one report from school mentor, personal statement and an extracurricular resume. An additional requirement from the Ivy Leagues is “all round development”. Apart from these difficulties, the admission process of many elite American universities including the Ivy Leagues exhibited high subjectivity, low transparency and high risk. In the whole process, confidentiality thus becomes crucial. This is the reason why applicants will only receive no more than a short and direct note of “yes” or “no” from the universities as their final result. Confidentiality can also conceal the institutional interests; meanwhile, due to the low transparency of the admission process, even the “top students” with high marks and outstanding talents in music and art may not have the full confidence to be admitted to their dream university.

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“To put it simply, IvyLabs is a very special organization which helps students to resume their special individual characters, gain motivation and exert their potentials. It makes them stand out as a touch of bright color among their peers.”

For anyone who wants to get into top university, choosing the mature and enthusiastic team in Ivy Lab is definitely a good starting point. The college application consulting service it provides is not only humanistic, but also personalized. More importantly, in this whole process, Ivy Labs has prepared and trained these students with their full potential to excel in college.

Ivy Labs has a dedicated team responsible for communicating with students and their parents and provide professional counseling advices. Our counselor & teachers are experienced admission officers, who know every detail about application, making the process as accurate and rigorous as doing a scientific research. In the early stage of communication, they will have an overall understanding about the students, taking into consideration the admission data, academic performance, and their interests. They can then help students set the target, giving advice on the preparation of standardized tests, and making plans for the coming year. Afterwards, the teacher would give specific suggestions on the selection of college based on the admission rates. Even though students are not prevented from choosing their own preferred school, they are also encouraged to choose the most suitable one for them, while the teacher can make a careful and detailed plan to approach the target step by step. They are quite skillful at engaging parents into the application process as much as possible, but not too much pressure is applied to the children. The admission records the counselor teachers had for the past years, including the data about who were admitted to which schools with how much scores, can be used as an important reference for the estimation of the future.

Ivy Labs has developed several unique educational methods and plans for our students, including
Early Stage Planning】(In Chinese)
"Ten Steps" Method】(In Chinese)
Continuing Advising】(In Chinese)
Under this framework, students’ potentials can be maximized, and they would experience successful transition to the new stage of college life. Meanwhile, our teamwork model can greatly improve the effectiveness of the implementation of our education programs. [Read More About "Our Method"] (In Chinese)

College Placements

“The best essays I have ever read are those presenting a clear and unique voice from the writer, which helps me see him/her more closely and understand him/her better.”
-- Mr. Keith Todd,Dean of Admissions of Rice University