Our Team

The founder of Ivy Labs Ms. Sun has always abided by sincerity, loving-kindness, truthfulness and trustworthiness as her pursuit of life. Her personal charisma and educational philosophy has attracted a team of experts who have always dreamed and wanted to devote their life to education.

A majority of experts in our Ivy Labs team graduated from Ivy Leagues and other top universities such as Harvard, Yale and Columbia. Many of them have been formal admission officers (FAO) in world-class universities including all Ivy League Schools. Some others served in governmental education institutions in the US. Even some are investment bankers in Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase, teachers in famous private high schools and university hockey coach. They have their own strengths, distinctive characteristics, while at the same time well versed in the essence of the United States, Britain education. They came from all over the world, bringing their advanced ideas, rich life experiences and cultural diversity into IvyLabs, which have strengthened the team to provide more convincing advices and more spiritual support and guidance to students and their parents.

The members in our research and development team have all received high quality university education. They have years of experience either working or teaching in secondary schools or universities in the US. At the same time, they are familiar with the Chinese style of education and culture. As a result, our team not only preserves the advanced international education concepts, but also makes them localized to become fully integrated. These teaching philosophies and approaches match very well with what Chinese students and parents need.

The organization has aimed at the upscale international education market. We have set our employment standard as preferring those who “value the ideology of Liberal Arts Education and love students and education”. We would adhere to the management model of “student-centered, allocating global education resources”. We have set up offices in the US, Hong Kong and mainland China. Our service network is deep rooted in the US, while it also covers the cities with its uniqueness and significant impact in the greater China area. We have implemented the mechanism where human resources such as consulting experts and teachers can be shared across different areas. This enables a flexible allocation of our teaching resources to better serve our clients. In the meantime, our team members can also choose their work location with more freedom, enjoying multi-cultural experience in the organization’s standardized management system.

On the international platform of IvyLabs, our team members can persist in their ideals of education, while complying with business ethics. They are given the opportunity to show their academic and professional strengths through rigorous academic research with quality control. They are also free to try out their innovative ideas in course design and teaching methods. The professional attitude and good cooperation among the team members have provided students with the most comprehensive tutoring from a different overseas perspective. Our core value is to mentor a strong heart, and give humanistic care and life guidance to students with our endless patience and love.

FAO = "Former Admission Officer"

Ms. Alice Sun

Founder and Director
Senior Education Counselor

Mr. Ryan Knox, JD

Director of Academics
Senior Education Counselor
Alumnus: Wesleyan University & UCONN Law School

Mr. Nicholas DiSalvatore, PhD

Senior Education Advisor
Professor, Boston College
Alumnus: Yale University

Ms. Liliana Kaci

Senior Education Advisor
Harvard University Interviewer
Harvard University, Bachelor Degree
Boston University, Master of Psychology

Ms. Sonia Zhang

Education Counselor,
Director of Superintendent
South-Eastern University, China

Ms. Hana Zou, PhD

Education Counselor
Arizona State University, PhD in Education
Renmin University of China, Master of Business, Master of Education

Ms. Ella Wang

Education Counselor、
Columbia University, Master of Educational Development Psychology
Shanghai International Studies University, Master of English & Bachelor of English

Ms. Xinyi Zhang

Education Counselor
Harvard University, Master of Education in Human Development and Psychology
University of Hong Kong, Bachelor of Social Sciences, Psychology Major
Yale University Visiting International Student (YVISPer)

Ms. Xin Min

Education Counselor
Harvard University, Master of Education
Tsinghua University, Bachelor of Economics & English Literature

Mr. Ming Hsu

Education Counselor
Brown University, PhD Candidate in Engineering
Zhongshan University, Bachelor of Engineering

Mr. Huabing Wang

Education Counselor
Manager of College Division Counseling
University of Pennsylvania, Master of Education
Former University of Pennsylvania Alumni Interviewer

Ms. Wenting Yang

Education Counselor
Columbia University, Master of Education
Fudan University, Bachelor of French Language and Literature

Ms. Yuxia Teng

Education Counselor
Head of Counseling Team (Beijing)

Ms. Anya Allen

Education Counselor
Yale University, Master of Arts and Master of Philosophy
Wellesley College, Bachelor of Arts

Ms. Caroline Zeng

Education Counselor
Columbia University, Barnard College, Bachelor of Economics and History

Ms. Samantha Xu

Marketing Specialist
Education Counselor
University of Connecticut, MBA

Ms. Sarah Sun

Education Counselor
Harvard University, Master of Education
Rhode Island School of Design, Bachelor Degree in Film Directing

Ms. Xiaoxiao Di

Education Counselor
University of Pennsylvania, Master of Education
Beijing International Studies University, Dual Major in English & TCFL

Ms. Vicky Wang

Education Counselor
Smith College, Bachelor of Psychology

Ms. Isabella Zheng

Education Counselor,
University of California, Irvine, Bachelor of Business Economics

Ms. Luzviminda Bradley

Education Counselor
Columbia University, Master of Education
Philippine Normal College, Bachelor of Education

Ms. Flemming, PhD

Senior Education Advisor
State University of New York at Buffalo, PhD of English Literature
Boston College, Master of Arts in English

Ms. Hannah (Limin) Xiao

Education Counselor
Vanderbilt University, Master of Educational Psychology

Ms. Candy Li

Education Counselor,
Online Course Management Coordinator,
Nanjing Agricultural University, Bachelor in English

Ms. Vivien Lu

Education Counselor
Harvard University, Master of Education
Tsinghua University, English Languages and Literatures, Management Dual Bachelor's Degree

Ms. Lina Wang

Education Counselor
University of Technology Sydney, Master of Economics

Ms. Lexian Teng

Education Advisor
American University of Sharjah (AUS), United Arab Emirates

Mr. Timothy Bradley

Senior Education Advisor
Former Admissions Ass. Director: Choate Rosemary Hall

Ms. Sabrina Yue Wang

Education Counselor
CEO Assistant
Head of Educational Tech Team
Harvard University, Master of Education
Beijing University, Bachelor's of English Literatures

Ms. Kate Huang

Education Counselor
New York University, Master of Sociology

Ms. Angela Xu

Education Counselor
University of Southern California
Bachelor's Degree in business administration

Ms. Hilary Wang

Education Counselor
Beijing Normal University, Master of International Relations

Ms. Lillian Ye

Education Counselor
West Virginia University, Master of Journalism
Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Bachelor's Degree in GJournalism

Ms. Grace Zhang

Education Counselor
Bachelor's Degree in English

Mr. Benjamin Qian, Ph.D.

Director of Operations, U.S.
Alumnus: Yale University