Our Mentors

Jin Hua Li

Current School: Yale University
Major: Psychology on the pre-medical track
Hobbies: Spending time with my two younger sisters, exploring different restaurants in NYC & enjoying the outdoors
Personality: Faithful, family-oriented & eager
A Fun Fact: I don't know how to swim!

Michelle Zhuang

Current School: Columbia University
Major: Economics and Psychology
Hobbies: Running, writing, listening to classic rock, eating ramen at midnight with friends
Personality: Vivacious, and always up for an adventure!
A Fun Fact: Black coffee is my favorite drink

Ivy Haomin Chen

Current School: Wellesley College
Major: Psychology, Philosophy
Hobbies: Equestrian, Calligraphy, Kickboxing, Scuba diving
Personality: Outgoing, adventurous, curious
Fun Fact: I have a strand of hair that I have never cut in my life

Ophelia Bao

Current School: Yale University
Major: Biomedical Engineering; Public Health (graduate school)
Hobbies: Swimming, jogging and cooking Chinese food
Personality: adventurous, outgoing, active
A Fun Fact: I am a debater, once leader in college debating team

Ziyu Dai (Sherry)

Current School: Vanderbilt University
Major: Economic, Mathematics major and Managerial Studies
Hobbies: Ballet or opera

Kate Yi Wang

Current School: New York University
Major: Education Studies; Minor: Business
Hobbies: Traveling (already 25 countries), Archery, Paragliding, Hiking
Personality: Adventurous, Friendly, Sociable, Thoughtful
A Fun Fact: I’m a full-time foodie!

Audrey Ruan

Current School: Emory University
Major: Undeclared, currently considering Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology
Hobbies: I enjoy digital art, watercolor, fantastical literature, storytelling, and a great variety of music!
Personality: Optimistic, sincere, compassionate, curious
Fun Fact: I spend a little too much time watching food videos. For science. For art.


Current School: Northwestern University
Major: Gender Studies/Econ
Hobbies: debate, piano & guitar, community service, exploring restaurants, watching TV & reading by the lake
Languages: Chinese, English, Japanese, French
Personality: Easy going, caring, driven & contemplative
Fun fact: I took boxing lessons over the summer and now I’m completely in love with this sport!

Jinxin Pan

Current School: Columbia University
Major: Undecided
Hobbies: Tinkering with electronics; singing
Personality: Thoughtful
A Fun Fact: Once ate a 5-pound pack of gummy bears alone

Linyu Shao

Current School: Johns Hopkins University
Major: Music For New Media
Hobbies: Songwriting, film scoring, reading history books, playing basketball
Personality: Adventurous, outgoing
A Fun Fact: I published my first book at the age of twelve

Emily Han Xu

Current School: Yale University
Major: Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology
Hobbies: Playing piano, hiking, baking, debate, research
Personality: Persistant, Luminous, Wonderstruck
Fun Fact: I have performed piano solo at Carnegie Hall

Jingyi Zhou

Current School: Bowdoin College
Major: Undecided (considering environmental studies and economics)
Hobbies: traveling, volleyball, photography, hiking
Personality: adventurous, outgoing, active
A Fun Fact: I like traveling alone

Ethan Perets

Undergraduate Education: Columbia University (Class of 2014)
Major: Biochemistry (Minors: Philosophy and Russian Literature)
Hobbies: Making music, reading, watching movies, visiting museums
Personality: Curious, Spontaneous
A Fun Fact: I bake my own bread!

David Hua

Current School: New York University Stern School of Business
Major: Finance
Hobbies: Basketball, watching sports, and traveling
Personality: Outgoing and caring
A Fun Fact: I can juggle

Yumeng Wang (Feather)

Current School: NYU Class of 2022
Major: Economics and Mathematics
Hobbies: Traveling abroad, playing basketball, working out at gym, playing video games, watching youtube videos
Personality: Sociable, easy going, optimistic

Lauren Li

Current school: Northwestern University
Major(s): Statistics & Economics
Hobbies: painting, watching soccer, reading, swimming, lifting
Personality: outgoing, driven & curious
Fun fact: I love Asian food religiously and have a foodgram dedicated to my love for Asian food!

Angelina Xu

Current School: Vanderbilt University
Major: Economics; Human and Organizational Development
Hobbies: Music, Movies, Shopping, Reading, Piano
Personality: Optimistic, Outgoing, Active
A Fun Fact: Dialed 114 to ask for Chris Lee's number when I was a huge fan of her in 4th Grade

Gao Ge

Current School: Cornell University
Major: Undecided
Hobbies: Reading and promoting reading, Guzheng, Piano, Flute, Tennis, Swimming, Taichi, Ballet, Chinese traditional dancing and so on
Personality: Passionate, energetic, good communicator and listener

Xueer Chen (Michelle)

Current School: Columbia University
Major: Undecided. Probably Economics-Political Science, or French and Francophone Studies
Hobbies: Figure Skating, Fencing, Traveling, Movies, Food
Personality: Caring, Open-minded
Fun Fact: I listen to grunge rock, and Kurt Cobain was the best

Jocelyn Wong

Current School: Wellesley College
Major: Economics; Political Science
Hobbies: Travelling, rowing, Chinese painting and calligraphy
Personality: Adventurous, athletic, outgoing
Fun Fact: I went skydiving in Switzerland!

Alice Tang

School Attended: Wellesley College
Major: Economics & English
Hobbies: Reading (fiction & non-fiction), fashion, karaoke, theatre, BBC & HBO shows
Personality: Warm, optimistic, a good listener, detail-oriented
Fun Fact: I'm fluent in Mandarin and Shanghainese. The former I learned through Chinese school and classes and the latter from speaking at home

Anna Lu

Current School: Yale University, 2018
Major: History and East Asian Studies
Hobbies: Yoga, cooking, rock climbing, travel
Personality: Curious, caring, optimistic, energetic

Ashley Hazelwood

Current School: University of North Texas
Major: Doctoral candidate in Higher Education Administration
Hobbies: Fashion and sewing! vintage/thrift shopper
Personality: Fun, outgoing and very caring
Fun Fact: I am 16 years older than my brother and sister

Byron Lihan Zhao

Current School: UC Berkeley
Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Hobbies: Percussion, Classical/Contemporary Music, Conducting, Composing, Body Building, Airsoft, Designing Personality: Precise, Diligent, Optimistic, Open-Minded
Fun Facts: I practiced percussion every Thursday from 15:00 to 22:00 throughout my entire high school career in the US

Cheng Yuri

Current School: University of Southern California
Major: International Relations
Hobbies: Singing, rapping, scriptwriting, filmmaking, travelling, hiking
Fun Fact: I am ambidextrous

Chenxi Fang

Current School: Northwestern University
Major: Business/ Economics/ Government
Hobbies: Singing, traveling, films, cooking, photography
Fun Fact: I’m interested in costume design and have designed costumes for theater performances in my college

Dennis Shida Yang

Current School: London School of Economics
Major: Bsc in Accounting & Finance
Hobbies: Chinese country music & pop music cover making (Guitar & Vocal), Chess, Table Tennis
Personality: Considerate, Open-minded, driven
Fun Fact: The lyrics of my covers are often slightly altered

Devon Ressner

School Attended: Fordham University, 2015
Major: Middle East Studies
Hobbies: Reading, home improvement projects, swimming, gardening
Personality: Open minded, free spirited, adventurous, generous, honest

Fengjin Yu

Current School: School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Major: Fine art and specializes in sculpture
Hobbies: History, reading and food
Personality: Easy going, friendly

Gabriel Bradley

Current School: SUNY Purchase
Major: BFA Acting class of 2018
Hobbies: Theater, film, history, squash, lacrosse, travel
Personality: Open-hearted, passionate about what I love, curious about the world and others
Fun Fact: Have been to six different countries

Isabelle Eyman

Current School: Smith College
Major: French Studies & English Literature
Hobbies: Writing, Cooking, Reading, Blogging, Biking, Travel
Personality: Easygoing, patient, passionate, sincere

Jack Yongqi Zhang

Current School: The Hun School of Princeton
Major: Physics
Hobbies: Hockey, fine art, singing
Personality: Easygoing, curious, responsible
Fun Fact: I can sing but cannot read music

Justin Sohn

Current School: Brown University
Major: English
Hobbies: Piano, Longevity Arts, Psychology, and Religions
Personality: Compassionate, Patient, Wise
Fun Fact: I'm currently building a life coaching practice

Kevin Yie

Current School: New York University
Major: Biology on the Pre-med Track; Child and Adolescent Psychopathology
SAT: 2330; 800 SAT Literature
Hobbies: Badminton, Magic, Chess, Writing, and Latin Dancing
Personality: Talkative, sociable, easy-going

Kristine Kwon

Current School: Wellesley College, 2020
Major: Psychology and Economics
SAT: 2250
Hobbies: Cooking, Watching Korean Dramas, Piano, Volleyball, Playing with Children, Crafts
Personality: Proactive, Approachable, Funny
Fun Fact: I am from Seattle and Seoul, South Korea and love everything coffee-related

Marc Zijing Wu

Current School: University of Southern California
Major: Industrial Engineering
Hobbies: Badminton, Hiphop music, Rap
Personality: Outgoing, talkative, empathy
Fun Fact: Good at blowing whistle

Mi Hu

Current School: UC Berkeley
Major: Undecided
Hobbies: Photography, Travel, Movie, Music
Personality: Self-reliant, Communicative, Responsible
Fun Fact: I love (almost all) stuffed animals

Sharon Y Lu

Current School: Wellesley College, 2020
Major: Political Science & Philosophy
Hobbies: Drawing, Reading, Basketball
Personality: Outgoing, Passionate, and Openminded
Fun Fact: I'm from SoCal (southern California) but I like the cold more!

Sonomi Oyagi

Current School: Johns Hopkins University
Major: Neuroscience and International Studies
Hobbies: Reading, swimming, life drawing, discovering new music, playing video games, volunteering for local activist organizations
Fun Fact: I love writing both fiction and non-fiction, and have a great appreciation for horror novelists. Stephen King is one of my favorite authors!

Yibo Pan

Current School: Northwestern University
Major: Computer Science, Economics
Hobbies: Biking, running, music, movies, sitcoms, tech stuff
Personality: Extrovert, easy-going, perfectionist, open, sensitive

Bu (Lucy) Liu

Current School: Yale University
Major: Undecided, Considering English Literature
Hobbies: Golf, reading, creative writing, swimming, ink painting
Personality: Optimistic, open-minded, original, good-humored
Fun Fact: I picked my English name out of a box in first grade!

Linnea Paseiro

School Attended: Princeton University '14
Major: Slavic Languages and Literatures; Russian and Eurasian Studies
Hobbies: Travel, Language-learning, Writing
Experience: Taught freshman writing seminars at Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics and Strategic Research; former Fellow at the Princeton Writing Center
A Fun Fact: I played violin with a professional orchestra in high school

Di Qiu

Schools Attended: Yale University
Major: MA in East Asian Studies (Fully funded)
University of Washington - BA in Anthropology and Contemporary Dance (double major)
Languages: English, Chinese, Russian
Hobbies: Cooking, ballet, film making, organizing
Fun facts: I have a YouTube channel where I upload travel vloggs from my trips, and I'm a certified Yoga instructor. Also, I live in Kazakhstan.

Yvonne Linyao Guan

School Attended: Yale University, School of Management
Major: Master of Advanced Management
Hobbies: Writing, singing, dancing, travel and food
Personality: Open-minded, passionate, easy-going
A Fun Fact: I run a fashion business!

Ariel Marie Stolz

Current School: Brown University
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Hobbies: Soccer, Bellydance, Salsa, Volleyball, singing, going to the beach, traveling, community service, learning languages.
Personality: Adventurous, caring, friendly, athletic, open-minded.
A Fun Fact: My hometown is the US Virgin Islands and I'm a certified scuba diver!

Zhaoyu Kou

Current School: Columbia University
Major: Environmental Engineering & Operations Research
Hobbies: Basketball, movies, graffiti, cooking
Personality: Easygoing, friendly, flexible, patient
A Fun Fact: I can write in graffiti font

Ray Hu

Current School: Carnegie Mellon University
Major: Business Administration
Hobbies: Traveling, Chinese Calligraphy, Painting, Reading
Personality: Driven, Understanding, Helpful
A Fun Fact: I used to be left-handed but my parents “corrected” me because they thought it was weird

Bill Rong Tan

Current School: Cornell University
Major: Computer Science
Hobbies: App Development, 3D Printing, Tennis
Personality: Somber, insightful, arduous
A Fun Fact: My given name Rong means finance in Chinese, because my parents wanted me to do finance in banks in the future.


Current School: Brown University
Grade: Medical School, MD Candidate
Major: Biomedical Engineering & Public Health
SAT: 2400

Bryan Wang

Current School: Columbia University
Grade: Junior
SAT: 2300
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Hobbies: Soccer, Diving, Snowboarding
Specialty: Working with children, Biomedical Research

Alison Tsai

Current School: Brown University
Grade: Sophomore
Major: Computer Science
SAT: 2400
Specialty: writing, community service

Sherry Zhuxin Wang

Current School: Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne
Major: Hospitality Management
Hobbies: Traveling, Tennis, Hockey, Food, Movie

Sherry Zhang

Current School: Brown University
Grade: Sophomore
Major: Applied Math-Economics
SAT: 2250
Hobbies: Piano, singing, watching documentaries, baking
Specialty: Compassionate, diverse academic interests, lots of experience teaching children
Experience: Intern at Florida State Attorney’s Office


Current School: Yale University
Grade: Sophomore
Major: History & East Asian Studies
SAT: 2350; 11AP Courses
Hobby: History; Chinese Calligraphy; Classical Music
Specialty: Cancer Survivor;


Current School: Harvard University
Grade: Sophomore
Major: Government
SAT: 2340
Hobbies: Ice skating, flute, reading, writing, cooking, running, piano, blogging
Specialty: Writing, helping others, organization, working with orphans/children, working in education


Current School: Yale University
Grade: Sophomore
Major: Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology
SAT: 2140
Hobby: Ulitmate Frisbee
Specialty: Community Service; Great Listener; Genuine & Diligent

Yixuan Wang

Current School: Brown University
Grade: Sophomore
Major: Health & Human Biology; Visual Arts
SAT: 2230
Hobbies: Illustration, reading, petting cats!


Current School: University of Pennsylvania
Grade: Sophomore
Major: Anthropology
SAT: 2290
TOEFL: 116
Hobbies: appreciating art, drawing, reading Specialty: ballet, figure skating


Current School: Wesleyan University
Grade: Junior
Major: Music & African Studies
Hobbies: Music; Dance
Specialty: Passionate; Strong Communication Skills

Stella Chong

Current School: Brown University
Grade: Sophomore
Major: Health and Human Biology & Anthropology
Hobbies: Singing, Biking, Running, Traveling, Photography, and playing with puppies!
Specialty: Optimistic, Jubilant, Compassionate, Free-spirited, and Adventurous


Current School: University of Chicago
Grade: Undergraduate, Sophomore
Major: Economics and Philosophy
SAT: 2270
TOEFL: 108
Specialty: Economics, Politics, Philosophy; Strong Leadership

Xinliu Yang

Current School: University of Pennsylvania
Grade: Graduate (Master)
Major: Dual degree in M.S., Master of Science in Statistics, Measurement, Assessment, and Research Technology (SMART) and M.S.Ed, Education Policy
TOEFL: 110

Dae Young Kim

Current School: New York University
Grade: Junior
Major: Hotel and Tourism Management
TOEFL: 108
Extra-curricular Activities: Golf, tennis, table-tennis, choir, English tutoring
Specialty: Finance, Advertising, Hotel development

Jackie Vu

Current School: Brown University
Grade: Junior
Major: Biomedical Engineering, also Premed
Hobbies: playing rugby, cooking, swimming, camping
Specialty: friendliness and experience in teaching, science

Kyo Joon Lee (Leo)

Current School: New York University
Grade: Sophomore
Major: Economics and Psychology
Specialty: leadership in extracurricular, great soccer player

Linda Medina

Current School: Brown University
Grade: Sophomore
Major: Business and Ethnic Studies
Specialty: Dedicated, Hard-working, optimistic, enjoy community volunteer work, have experience working with local low-income district schools in NYC and Providence

Jenny Thi Kim Bui

Current School: Brown University
Grade: Undergraduate
Major: Double concentration in Public Policy and American Institutions (B.A.), and Economics (B.A.)
Hobbies: Soccer, Diving, Snowboarding
Activities: Asian American Students Association, Brown Investment Group

Lan Anh Pham

Current School: Brown University
Grade: Sophomore
Major: Health and Human Biology
Hobbies: Writing, Dancing, Meditation
Specialty: Positivity energy and strong passion

Pedro Polanco

Current School: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Grade: Junior
Major: Mechanical Engineering

Lynn Ha

Current School: Brown University
Grade: Junior
Major: Business Organizational Studies
Hobbies: Philanthropy, East Asian Languages, Golf, Taekwondo
Activities: Asian American Students Association, Brown China Care, Vietnamese Student Association
Specialty: Genuine, Optimistic, and Lively!

Isaac Suh

Current School: Brown University
Grade: Sophomore
Major: Computer Science and Linguistics
Hobbies: Playing instruments (violin, piano, oboe), TV Shows
Specialty: Music, computer science, languages, coming up with creative ideas

Alyssa Lee

Current School: Columbia University
Grade: Freshman
Major: Computer Science
SAT: 2310 (single sitting)
Hobbies: running, figure skating, singing, playing the piano

Anita Yun

Current School: Brown University
Grade: Junior
Major: Public Health Policy
Hobbies: Taekwondo, drawing, reading, baking, volunteering
Specialty: Friendly, motivated, and compassionate

Heng Li

Current School: Pratt Institute
Major: (graduate school) Interior Design,
Major: (undergraduate) Psychology and Physics
Interests: Combined interests in Architecture, Interior, Product Design in the creative realm.
Art Work: www.heng.work

Hong Lv

Current School: UCLA
Grade: Freshman
Major: Physics
Hobbies: Reading, Movies, Basketball, Photographing

Sixuan Pan

Current School: Rice University
Grade: Freshman
Major: Biochemistry, Managerial Studies
SAT: 2240/2400
TOEFL: 111

May Guan

Current School: Cornell University
Grade: Freshman
Major: CS, Electronics & Programming
Hobbies: debating, music (violin), Japanese animation and drama. Taekwondo!

Ming Zhang

Current School: UPENN
Grade: Freshman
Major: Computer Science, Linguistics & Cognitive Science

Dan Fang

Current School: New York University
Grade: Sophomore
Major: Math & Economics
Hobbies: Fashion design, extreme sports: bungee jump, skydiving, love cars

Hao Zhang

Current School: UC Berkeley
Grade: Junior
Major: Economics
Hobbies: swimming, cooking, traveling, music (Guzheng)
Specialty: Passionate about community service, leadership in extracurricular, languages, finance & accounting

Go Eun Jeong

Current School: Brown University
Grade: Sophomore
Major: Health & Human Biology
Hobbies: music (bassoonist),

Rachel Girty

Current School: Northwestern University
Grade: Senior
Major: Vocal performance & creative writing
Hobbies: Singing, writing, trivia, baking, comedy
Specialties: Languages, literature, fine and performing arts, leadership in literary publishing, professional music performance experience

Grace Zheng

School Attended: UPenn (alum)
Major: Environmental Studies (Masters)
Hobbies: Volleyball, Environmental Policy, Accounting
Personality: Energetic, Easygoing, Loves to laugh

Lauren Tsai

Current School: Brown University
Grade: Senior
Major: Business Economics
SAT: 2270
Interests: Long distance cycling, Chinese language and culture
Experience: Study abroad in Hong Kong and Beijing

Jefei Jin

Current School: Harvard University
Grade: Graduate School
Major: Education Policy and Management
Specialty: Entrepreneur, education, finance, international development, college leadership
Hobbies: World traveler, food enthusiast, ice hockey, theatre, website design
Fun Fact: Currently launching a mobile app

Bonny Dong

Current School: Teachers College, Columbia University
Major: International Education Development, Concentration in Higher Education
Hobbies: Travel,dancing, cooking, music (Pipa), fitness
Specialties: Student affairs, study abroad, consulting, U.S. Higher Education, networking
Personality: Compassionate and motivated individual with a lot of energy, always on the go, adventurous and like to push myself to the limit
Fun Fact: I am a Zumba instructor and a Vegan

Sophie Jia

Current School: University of California, Berkeley
Grade: Senior
Major: Physics
Specialities: A very wide high school/college experience in major STEM fields! Passionate about education and extracurricular activities focused on teamwork. Hobbies: Graphic design, animation, writing, watching dramas, reading science fantasies
Personality: Easygoing, friendly, eager to help!
Fun Fact: I had some very quirky high school teammates and went to a national QuizBowl competition in a costume

Victoria Bourret

School Attended: Alumni of the University of Pennsylvania
Major: Masters of Social Work
Hobbies: sailing, biking, hiking, brunching, painting, baking, crafting, board gaming, reading, yoga, playing my viola in Old York Road Symphony Orchestra
Personality: outgoing, friendly, personable, caring, empathetic, flexible, multi-faceted
Fun Fact: I can doodle on my skin without a marker. I have dermatographia

Vicky Zhou

Current School: Brown University
Major: Neuroscience (premed)
Hobbies: Fashion design, sewing, creative writing, watching the Voice of China, East Asian Culture
Personality: Sincere, compassionate, disciplined, energetic
Fun Fact: I can translate Latin

Kaiwen Li

Current School: Brown University
Grade: Freshman
Major: Applied Mathematics-Economics
TOEFL: 115
Hobbies: Calligraphy, Debate, Reading
Specialty: Friendly and humorous; Passionate of teaching; Optimistic
Fun fact: I love being totally covered when I’m asleep, with a tiny hole for breathing. Any place uncovered will make me insecure

Javier Arguello

Current School: Georgetown University, McDonough School of Business
Major: Finance with focus on investments
Hobbies: Play soccer , travel, Chinese history
Personality: Patient, approachable, passionate
Fun Fact: Avid Salsa Dancer

Alejandra Baez

Current School: Georgetown University
Grade: Senior
Major: Regional & Comparative Studies: Western Europe and Latin America
Hobbies: dancing, writing, singing, traveling, learning languages and reading
Activities: Delta Phi Epsilon sorority, community service, part-time job on campus
Personality: Outgoing, friendly, love to laugh, reliable and adventurous!
Fun Fact: I've sung the national anthem for the Red Sox twice

Edgar Rincon Estrella

Current School: Brown University
Major: International Relations (and pre-med)
Hobbies: EMS/EMT, theater/acting, mountain biking

Tenzin Kyisarh

Current School: Wesleyan University
Major:Anthropology and International Relations Certificate
Hobbies:Photography, dancing, making videos
Personality: Open-minded, driven, adventurer, explorer, curious
Fun Fact:I know how to speak in five languages (Tibetan, Nepalese, Hindi, Korean, and English)!

Tina Fan

Current School: New York University
Major: Psychology and Economics
Hobbies: Singing, dancing, fencing, traveling, learning new languages, watching animes, and watching movies
Personality: easy-going, helpful, responsible
A Fun Fact: Addicted to candies

Awing Yayong Huang

Current School: Emerson College
Grade: Junior
Major: Business of Creative Enterprise
Personality: Talkative, Open-minded, Comprehensive
A Fun Fact: I traveled alone since I was 17

Xiaofan Ji

Current School: Columbia University
Major: Statistics
Undergraduate School: University of Oxford—BA in Mathematics and Statistics
Hobbies: food, travel and history (especially for Qing Dynasty)
Personality: Friendly, Warm-hearted, optimistic
Experience: I’ve been helping with undergraduate applications since I graduated from my high school
A Fun Fact: I am sure you can find more when you get to know me

Wenze Shi

Current school: Carnegie Mellon University
Major: Computer Science
Hobby: math/physics problem solving, singing & guitar, calligraphy, basketball
Personality: Rational, a little quirky, dedicated, somewhat quiet, lighthearted, persistent
A fun fact: I used to memorize pi to 1000 places when I was six