Ivy Labs Education Recruitment Announcement for Beijing Office (10.2015)


About Ivy Labs Education

Ivy Labs Education Inc. (IVYLABS) was founded in 2001 across campus of Yale University. It is one of the first boutique consulting firms to focus on the early planning stages of the college application process for families in Greater China. Apart from the New Haven general office, we also have two other branches in Hong Kong and Beijing.

The IVYLABS counselor team provides education consulting services for VIP clients from internationally distinguished financial institutions and private banks (such as Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch in the Asia-Pacific region). Our counselors also provide services to the headquarters of China's leading commercial banks, including CITIC Bank and the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank.

At present, IVYLABS has a strong core team with nearly thirty experienced counselors who graduated from top-tier universities including Harvard, Yale, Brown, Columbia and University of Pennsylvania. We have also hired another distinguished advisory team, consisted of more than fifty former admissions officers/directors of top US universities and private secondary schools. In addition, we have established a mentorship program in which we pair our clients with one of over one hundred currently enrolled top university students, to offer a current students’ perspective to our applicants.

Cognizant of and committed to the cultural values of the US, the IVYLABS counseling team prides itself on maintaining strong ethical standards for our students. We insist upon pursuing the fundamentals of education, emphasizing early systematic planning, and we refuse to engage in whitewashing, packaging, plagiarism, and ghostwriting; instead, we strive to create a logical and well-rounded picture for each applicant by exploring his/her unique interests and potentials in terms of their varied personalities, academic performances, and extracurricular activities.

IVYLABS takes a holistic approach to education. In other words, we choose not to focus on a single service like the standardized test preparation centers that currently saturate the market. Instead, our results are driven by a long-term process to amplify student potential through small classes and personalized discussions that simulate a liberal arts education. This approach is readily accepted by educated Chinese families of various backgrounds (while many of our students come from elite private schools in mainland China and Hong Kong, others are Asian students attending high school in the UK, Canada, and the US).

For our 2015 college applicants, we set a firm record: 40% of our students were admitted to the world’s top 20 universities, 51% to the top 30, and 96% to the top 50. For our high school applicants, all of our students were admitted into leading private schools such as Blair, Choate, Brooks and Kent. We accomplished this while continuing to stand out amongst our peers in the education consulting industry, which is typically described as a greedy, impetuous environment saturated with modular services and impersonal packaging. Rather than quickly manipulating our students’ résumés, we at IVYLABS believe in providing opportunities for our students to excel. For example, in 2014, we founded the Association of Chinese Students at Private Schools in America. Ambassador Zhang Qiyue (of the Chinese Consulate General in New York) attended the inauguration ceremony. As the largest Chinese student association that focuses on high school students studying in the US, it receives media coverage from CCTV and Phoenix TV.

According to our research and experience, the most essential component of applicant evaluation is academic ability, which is not necessarily measured by performance on exams, but rather in an applicant’s intellectual pursuits, both in and out of the classroom. This is where many of our students are at a disadvantage; unlike the education tradition in the US, which provides students with the resources needed to pursue their unique interests, the lacking Chinese system precludes students from cultivating their full academic potential and extracurricular strengths.

We are currently recruiting for our office in Beijing, seeking motivated, self-starting individuals to grow our business in China. If you are interested in applying for a position with Ivy Labs Education, please kindly submit your resume and cover letter to HR@ivylabs.org

About Ivy Labs’ Beijing Office:

Conveniently located at the center of financial district in Beijing with New England classic interior and nostalgic inspiration, many renowned US colleges and top boarding schools have hosted their admission interviews or forums at our Beijing office in the past years. The establishment of online resource sharing and the use of advanced communication technology facilitate internal collaboration while maintaining a high connectivity, flexibility and efficiency between all Ivy Labs’ offices and individuals during their business trips.

Employees from Beijing and Hong Kong office not only have opportunities to attend internal trainings at our New Haven office, but also have opportunities for short-term working or permanently relocate to the US office (1, Chinese employee with L1 visa support; 2, at the end of contract with Beijing office, employees with US citizenship may award with extended employment contract at our US office)

We look forward to your application and meeting you in person soon!

For more information, please send an email to hr@ivylabs.org

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